Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hey Everyone-

I'm swimming in a meet this weekend.

Swim Meet of Champions in Mission Viejo California.

I'll be racing the 50, 100, 200, 400 Free. Results and live streaming can be found here.

Here you will find a psychsheet and up to date results.

I'm feeling pretty tired after Wednesdays practice so it should be interesting how I swim "beat down". I'm up for the challenge though.

Take care and go strong!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some fun!

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to share a set that we did in practice today...

It was an X, Y, Z set... Let me explain

3X (easy speed) + 2Y (FAST effort) + 2Z (ALL OUT...FAST)

X= 200, 150, 100, 50 @2:15
Y= 100, 50 @1:15
Z= 25, 15 @45

Whole thing 3 times through
Basically you always choose the distance that you want to swim. The interval always stays the same though. For example, I did the following:
For X: 100, 50, 50
For Y: 100, 50
For Z: 15, 15
All Free

The X, Y, Z set is typical of my coach Dave Salo. He likes for us to choose what we want to do and give 100% effort. What made this set out of the ordinary though was the fact that we wore HIGHTECH SUITS throughout the whole set. I thought I would never ever wear a Fullbody Speedo LZR-Racer again. I was wrong.

I swam the X's 200 pace... The Y's and Z's FAST. Most notable were my Y's. I averaged a 49.6 in the 100's and 24.8 for the 50's. I was very content with those times. The 50's after the 100 FAST were extremely difficult. There was only a little bit of rest before going into an all out effort 50.

I was very excited about this set and wanted to share it with you. I hope this gives you some insight on what kind of training we do and at what kind of level. The best part of doing sets like these is doing them with the best in the world.

Keep well and take care!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Actions and Reactions

Hey Everyone-

Thanks for checking in with my blog.

As I mentioned in a previous post I had my first meet of the summer season the last weekend of May. I swam the 100, 200 and 400 Free. I didn't have much expectation going into the meet since we've been working really hard in the water. I knew from the beginning that I was going to have much "easy speed" in my swimming.

There was a special format to the competition. Only the top 4 swimmers made it to the Championship final and swam for money. This meant that there was no room for messing around in prelims. It made for a great atmosphere and competitive environment.

Here are my races and splits:

100 Free:

50.61 (26.48)

I usually take out my 100 Free in 23.5 ... This swim was a good example that I simply lack speed at this point in the season. I know that my 100 will get better and better the more I rest. All in all I'm content with this swim.
Click here for the video. I'm 4th from the right in the white cap (in lane 4).
200 Free:

53.56 (27.86)
1:21.53 (27.97)
1:49.41 (27.88)

I wish I had gone faster in my 200. I was aiming for about 1:48.8 (time I went in March at Swiss Nationals). On a positive note, I'm happy with how consistent my splits were. I usually have the tendency to fall off of pace the last 50. I'm working on my 2nd 50 in practices right now. There shouldn't be a 2s difference between my 1st and 2nd 50.
Unfortunately there is no video for this event.
400 Free

55.25 (28.83)
1:24.78 (29.53)
1:54.90 (30.12)
2:24.50 (29.60)
2:53.88 (29.38)
3:23.50 (29.62)
3:53.51 (30.01)

I have a history with the 400 Free. I don't really like to swim it, hahaha... I consistently plan to take out this race quick and then try to hold on towards the end when the other swimmers start to reel me in. That's exactly what happened in this race. I was completely spent at the 300 mark and just tried to do everything in my power to try and stay ahead of everyone. My 30.0 split at the end is a good illustration of how much it hurt at the end...
Click here for a video of the swim. I'm 2nd to the right in the white cap.

In general I'm content with my swims. I think I'm in a good place for this point in the season. My college team (CAL Berkeley) made the trip down to the meet too, so it made for quite a bit of fun. It was great catching up with my old team mates and remembering the college days. Good times all around.

Back to training now :)

Keep well and take care!

PS. Here's a picture of the competition pool and the great weather :)