Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some fun!

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to share a set that we did in practice today...

It was an X, Y, Z set... Let me explain

3X (easy speed) + 2Y (FAST effort) + 2Z (ALL OUT...FAST)

X= 200, 150, 100, 50 @2:15
Y= 100, 50 @1:15
Z= 25, 15 @45

Whole thing 3 times through
Basically you always choose the distance that you want to swim. The interval always stays the same though. For example, I did the following:
For X: 100, 50, 50
For Y: 100, 50
For Z: 15, 15
All Free

The X, Y, Z set is typical of my coach Dave Salo. He likes for us to choose what we want to do and give 100% effort. What made this set out of the ordinary though was the fact that we wore HIGHTECH SUITS throughout the whole set. I thought I would never ever wear a Fullbody Speedo LZR-Racer again. I was wrong.

I swam the X's 200 pace... The Y's and Z's FAST. Most notable were my Y's. I averaged a 49.6 in the 100's and 24.8 for the 50's. I was very content with those times. The 50's after the 100 FAST were extremely difficult. There was only a little bit of rest before going into an all out effort 50.

I was very excited about this set and wanted to share it with you. I hope this gives you some insight on what kind of training we do and at what kind of level. The best part of doing sets like these is doing them with the best in the world.

Keep well and take care!

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  1. Hey Dom, just saw your blog now. I like this post. Very interesting. Looks like I'll be back full time coaching as from Septmeber - Super excited.